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When answering a RFP (request for proposal), the experience of an expert can make all the difference


Before investing, a quick and neutral opinion can change your vision on a business case


To validate the skills of a candidate through an independent expert

Our services

Sectorial calls

Experts Council organizes calls or physical meetings between its Clients and its Experts. The Client can ask any question he wants , in due respect of our ethics rules. The call ends as soon as the Client wishes.

Physical appointments

Experts Council’s clients either have the option of meeting our Experts face to face, by phone, or during a regular meeting with several participants. The type and duration of these meetings must be decided beforehand.

Skills certification

For your questions related to recruitment, Experts Council organizes phone interviews between our Expert and the candidate you have selected, in order to validate his/her business skills. These interviews are based, in particular, on a case study developed by the expert.

Special assignments

Ad-hoc consulting assignments can be arranged for clients. With the assistance of Experts Council the client defines the content and duration of the assignment for which Experts Council provides the Experts.


To take technical and structural decisions, I often feel the need to discuss issues with experienced managers. Experts Council is a very modern and collaborative tool for efficient and rapid decision making.

Jean-Marc Tassetto

Former CEO of Google France, co-founder of CoorpAcademy

Being able to connect with the right person at the right time, ... and collect fast the right information is a competitive edge.

Olivier Faujour

CEO Yoplait Worldwide

Sharing best pratices, and discussing with operational experts before deciding to move on to an investment, that's a smart way to do business nowadays

Nicolas Coppermann

Chief Executive Officer Endemol France

Whenever I stumble on a problem, I feel the need for an "outside the box" point of view, given by a person with whom I can directly discuss to explore the issues.

Denis Hennequin

Former Managing Director of Accor Group

I strongly believe that getting frontline expertise, and the best insights, in the shortest delays is more and more decisive. Building on the knowledge provided by Experts Council services is key to validate better and cost effective business hypothesis.

Bertrand Mabille

Chief Investment Officer & Managing Partner - Concordia Capital LLC (Qatar)

« Sharing my professional experiences has always been amongst my values. I like the way Experts Council enhances the knowledge of their experts to enable their clients to access pertinent and direct information »

When you understand what EXPERTS COUNCIL is, you will realize that you need it at least 5 times a day!

Stéphane Distinguin

President of FaberNovel

The Collaborative Business is winning over the BtoB model and is becoming a new and safer way to make decisions

Roland Tripard

Chairman of the Board

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